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Wedding Bouquet
Terms & Conditions

Our artist, Emma Maxwell, takes each custom piece to heart. With each brush stroke there is an attention to detail stiving to create the perfect piece that you will treasure forever.

After your painting has gone through multiple in-house revisions, you will see a progress photo for any revisions of you own that you may request.

Once the revision stage has been completed. Emma will finalize the art piece with a final edit as this painting will be scanned and processed through a meticulous editing software to go through a round of enhancement to ensure the highest quality possible. Your final art piece will be printed on high quality linen paper and signed with the seal of the artist’s signature.

Your custom bouquet will be added to our inventory and sold on our website in both print and card form. Emma Maxwell dba Bungalow House Studio owns all the rights to work created by Emma Maxwell or Bungalow House Studio.

Emma Maxwell and Bungalow House Studio has all the rights to your custom painting. The title & description of your card may be collaborated with you prior to publishing on the Bungalow House Studio website.

If you share your artwork, please tag, or notify Bungalow House studio so we can share too!

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